We think that something needs to change.

And we’re doing our part by doing what we know best: giving you the tools you need to create, grow and share your own personal inner-life.

Because change starts within.

Do you dream of a peaceful, healthy planet, where we are all free to explore and experience, to find and follow our own path, and where humans share resources equitably with non-humans?

So do we.

We are Gwyneth and Lucía. We’ve been writing together for many years. The Grounded Spirit Project was originally inspired by our experience writing together through the Coronavirus pandemic and the realisation that we had something to offer to those who write as part of their spiritual practice or for their community.


The beings in the background

Lucía is a Pagan who believes spirituality is key in addressing issues such as justice and climate change. She has published many books for children and YA, and has 20 years of experience in the field of publishing and translation. She lives with her wife and their two children in Madrid, Spain.

Spiritually non-tribal, Gwyneth writes in many genres and is an award-winning poet. She believes that words often taste best when spoken aloud. Gwyneth is happiest exploring the blurred borders between writer and narrator; translation and creation; memoir and invention; poetry and prayer.