Grounded Spirit is all about community. Let’s work together, sharing ideas and resources, with respect for our environment and all living things, to build a peaceful, healthy planet, where we are all free to find and follow our own path.

Thought-provoking and inspirational texts to use in your daily life and with your community.

The Modern Pagan Prayers project is a GSP initiative. The first book “A Wound in Time” was born out of the early months of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Then came “Elemental Voices”, and then “Turn of the Wheel”. In each book, poetry and prayer come together in a collection of themed pieces that address global and individual concerns in the twenty-first century and offer consolation, comfort and challenge.

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Podcasts, courses and workshops

We run online workshops and courses and we mentor and advise other writers. We’ve also recently launched the Writing Spirituality podcast, so why not join Lucía and Gwyneth each week as they choose a text to read – as writers – and discuss it, paying attention not just to the content, but to the techniques and tools the author has used.

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When you’re ready to share your writing with the world, we’ll be here to help.

As well as providing the resources, support and mentoring to help you during the writing process, we also offer full editorial and publishing services.

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Community & collaboration

Let's build a lasting legacy together.

Are you a writer or a leader of your local or spiritual community? If so, you probably already recognise the value of collaboration. As individuals we have great power. But working together multiplies that power enormously, so the Grounded Spirit Project is intended as a shareable, participative initiative.

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Our aim is to support the spiritual writers and content creators of today in building a body of literature for tomorrow that addresses real and relevant issues. We urge you to use and share the Project resources and get involved in whatever way best suits your personal situation.